Krysta Sinclair

Thank you considering being a part of my SCOUT 6-month discipleship experience.

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what is SCOUT?

SCOUT is a 6-month discipleship experience that was created by the founders of CAMP WELL. It begins October 1st with online content and teaching. January 6-9th, 2022, I will gather in person with 40 other women ages 18-23 in Northwest Arkansas for 4 days to continue working through the curriculum that will help us establish clarity, find freedom and choose obedience as we pursue a life of faithfulness.

why do I want to go?

I believe God has lead me to this program as an opportunity to allow Him to refine my heart alongside other young women. Our generation tends to look to the world for answers which starts the never-ending journey for where we should place our hope in. These outlets can constantly change the way we look at ourselves and how we live our lives. We can learn so much from Jesus’ ministry on earth and put our hope in Him because of what He did on the cross! I pray this 6 month discipleship program can help embolden me to walk with the Spirit where Jesus has called me into while living in San Francisco. I’m so excited to meet other girls in this program and pray we can each grow in faith together!

how you can invest in my SCOUT experience

I have already held my spot for SCOUT with a $350 deposit. I am inviting friends and family to be a part of my experience first and most importantly through prayer. You can fill out the form below to be on my prayer team. This would mean so much to me.

If you feel lead to invest financially in me and my SCOUT experience to help me reach my goal of $1150 for the balance of registration, click on the link below and enter any amount you would like – $5, $25, $100 – any amount makes a difference towards my goal. When you invest, you will automatically be added to my prayer team as well.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support.

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