Jessica Stewart

Thank you considering being a part of my Camp Well 6-month experience for ministry leaders.

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what is camp well?

Camp Well is a four-day soul care retreat in Waco, Texas in the middle of a six month online experience to reflect, refocus and reset. It begins December 1st with online content and teaching. February 6th, I will gather in person with 33 other women in Waco for 4 days to continue working through the curriculum that will help us establish clarity, find freedom and choose obedience as we pursue a life of faithfulness to Jesus.

why do I want to go?

After 10 years in ministry, and a particularly hard season, I have been looking for an opportunity to re-connect with the Lord, recalibrate my heart and soul, and to prayerfully consider the future.

In a way I have never felt before, I am weary, my well is empty and this season has lead to some burn out and doubt in my ministry calling. I think it would be unwise at this point to move on without taking a pause to evaluate all of these questions and to get healthy again – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I am confident this week at Camp Well will be a major means by which God will fill my cup back up, and will also help give handles and direction to what some healthy next steps can be in life and professionally.

how you can invest in my camp well experience

I have already held my spot for Camp Well with a $350 deposit. I am inviting friends and family to be a part of my experience first and most importantly through prayer. You can fill out the form below to be on my prayer team. This would mean so much to me.

If you feel lead to invest financially in me and my Camp Well experience to help me reach my goal of $1250 for the balance of registration, click on the link below and enter any amount you would like – $5, $25, $100 – any amount makes a difference towards my goal. When you invest, you will automatically be added to my prayer team as well.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support.