4-day-headerOCTOBER 29th – NOVEMBER 1st, 2017  .  SEDALIA, COLORADO

a girlfriends’ getaway for dream defenders

Join us for our THIRD Camp Well experience. Imagine a modern twist to your childhood summer camp days. It will kind of feel like summer camp this time because we will be lodging at Lost Valley Ranch in Sedalia, Colorado. Camp Well is a four-day deep rooted retreat experience for dreamers and doers. We create an inspired space to get away, reflect, refocus and reset the dreams God is stirring in your heart. And you get to do it with an incredible community of women who we promise will become your dream defenders before you head back home.


aka location


Lost Valley Ranch is a one-of-a-kind dude ranch in Colorado where you will experience their signature Brand of Western Hospitality. The recipient of the prestigious AAA Four Diamond award for 40 consecutive years, they have been providing unforgettable Colorado guest ranch experiences for adventurers since 1961. Set against 26,000 acres of Pike National Forest, you’ll experience the majestic Rocky Mountains like never before.

For any campers flying into Colorado, we have arranged a bus that will travel from Denver to Sedalia – about a 2 hour drive. All campers MUST be at Union Station in Downtown Denver by 1:30 on October 29th. We will return to Union Station at 2:30 on November 1st.


aka: the details


Camp Well will be four days of the perfect balance of workshops, breakout sessions, one on one mentor sessions, an outdoor experiences that will be the catalyst for:

  • Reflecting on our gifts & identity and shedding fear and distractions
  • Refocusing our values and priorities
  • Resetting our goals with strategy
  • Resting from the busy and overwhelm
  • Rejoicing in the Lord’s authorship of it all, lots of laughs, late night chats and wine of course


Camp Well is for the woman who needs a break from the busy to rest and refocus on the big dreams she has in life, ministry and/or business. It’s the perfect experience for:

  • The overwhelmed dreamer who doesn’t know where to start
  • The weary doer who needs rest and balance
  • The inspired servant who wants to start a non-profit
  • The high functioning leader who needs to be reminded of their “why”
  • The lonely mom who has lost her identity
  • The passionate single ready to dream big
  • The ambitious professional balancing career and dreams
  • The busy business owner who needs to reset her strategies and find answers to questions

It doesn’t matter if you are already living the dream or still dreaming up the dream Camp Well is an experience for you. The team does an incredible job creating a personalized environment for your soul to breathe while filling you up with inspiration, strategy and challenging goodness to marinate on for months to come. You will leave with vision, clarity and a restfulness about your heart that perhaps you haven’t felt in a long time.

Carey Bailey

Life Coach, Camp Well 2016, careybailey.com

We have curated an experienced team of camp counselors that will serve as mentors, dream defenders and cheerleaders as you sort through your dreams and pray through them all.  Below is a tentative and general list of topics we might be covering each day. Day two will consist of breakout sessions that will be strategically designed for your needs. We will be engaging over the next few months with our registered attendees to find out exactly what you need and craft sessions to meet those needs. Topics may include:ministry leadership, creating a family mission, branding, marketing, PR, social media, starting/running a non-profit,  self publishing in addition to others.

day 1 // welcome

  • For those flying in, arrive at Union Station in Denver at 1:30 pm
  • Beautiful 2 hour bus ride to Lost Valley Ranch
  • 5:00 First Session
  • 6:30 Cocktail Reception
  • 7:00p Dinner

day 2 // let’s dream

Sessions throughout the day will include the following:

  • Identify how you are uniquely made and gifted
  • Reflect on your personal values
  • Define what success looks like for you
  • Dreamscaping
  • Shedding distractions, fears and comparison
  • Dreaming God’s way

day 3 // let’s do

Sessions throughout the day include:

  • Prioritizing our dreams
  • Strategies for next steps
  • Collaboration
  • Outsourcing & Resources
  • Productivity & Organization
  • Breakouts & Mentoring- this is where we really drill down and create smaller group sessions and mentor opportunities.

day 4 // let’s go

  • Breakfast
  • Recap and Goodbyes
  • Send off to do amazing things!
aka: your dream defenders, mentors and cheerleaders

We will be announcing all of our camp counselors in the months to come. But we can guarantee all of our camp counselors have earned badges in the following areas….


aka: the cost


  • Meals – All meals and cocktails
  • Bus Transportation from Denver to Lost Valley Ranch at 1:30 Oct 30 and back to Denver on Nov 2nd.
  • Lodging – one ticket includes a king or queen single bed room that will be shared with one other person
  • Horseback riding and other outdoor experiences
  • Sessions – Full access to workshops and breakouts that cover both life, ministry and business – tailored to your needs
  • Mentoring – Opportunities to meet one-on-one with our camp counselors
  • Pre-camp consult – within the 2 months before Camp Well, you will get to do a one-on-one 30 minute consult with one of our camp counselors.
  • Gifts from our amazing sponsors
  • Headshots taken by our camp photographer
  • Surprise upon surprise – we promise it will be an experience like no other


  • Airfare 

Campers can either drive straight to Lost Valley Ranch or fly into Denver. Once you arrive to Denver you will take a train directly from the airport to Union Station where our complimentary bus will be ready to drive all campers to Lost Valley Ranch. You must arrange travel in order to have you at Union Station no later than 1:30pm on October 29th. The train ride is 30 minutes to Union Station so please account for deplaning, gathering luggage, waiting for the train and train travel. There are places to eat lunch in and around Union Station once you arrive. 


Honestly, I loved that there was not a “100,000 followers” speaker for the first Camp Well. Every speaker was SO uniquely gifted and perfect for their topic. It reminded me over and over again that my platform doesn’t have to be huge in the world’s eyes to be valuable. I keep reminding myself of the phrase “obedience over outcome” over and over. Such good truths. (and the fact that the entire conference could have been put in an Anthropologie catalog)

Camp Well

Fall 2016 Camper

aka: questions you may still have
When should I book my flight to arrive?

Campers can either drive straight to Lost Valley Ranch or fly into Denver. If you drive to Lost Valley, please arrive by 4:00. If you fly, once you arrive to Denver Airport you will take a train directly from the airport to Union Station where a complimentary bus will be ready to drive all campers to Lost Valley Ranch. You must arrange travel in order to have you at Union Station no later than 1:30pm on October 30th. The train ride is 30 minutes to Union Station so please account for deplaning, gathering luggage, waiting for the train and train travel. There are places to eat lunch in and around Union Station once you arrive.

What if I am not an entrepreneur, should I come?

Yes. This experience is for dreamers, doers, builders, creators, makers, ministry leaders, non-profit starters…..any woman who has a dream to live life or do work with great purpose, using the unique gifts and talents that God has given her.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

You do not need to be a Christian to attend. But we will be honest and forthcoming as to what to expect. The foundation of our event is faith based reflecting our trust in Jesus Christ. We will be talking about God and how He is the author of our dreams and giftedness as well as praying at different times throughout. We desire everyone to come as they are.

What do I need to wear?

We are adament everyone feels comfortable. There is no dress code and we won’t be having any fancy dinners. We want you to dress comfy. Since this is a ranch, if you have boots, its the time to dust them off. But boots aren’t required, just comfy shoes as we will be outdoors at times. We will be outside in the evenings so dress accordingly.

How do I find a roommate?

We are calling this Camp Well session – the girlfriends’ dream defender weekend – it’s the perfect session to come with our bff! This session at Lost Valley is a unique experience in that you will be sharing a queen or king bed with your “bunkmate”. If you have a friend coming with you, let us know and we will arrange for you to bunk together.

Are we doing any difficult hikes or physical activities?

There will be a horseback ride that we encourage everyone to go on. We are no super athletes so we are not expecting anyone else to be:) If you are concerned you may not be able to participate, feel free to email us with concerns.

Will we be only be talking about business?

NO! Our first day sessions are focused on identity, gifts, values and goals that can be applied to both life or business. But we will be crafting our breakout sessions to drill down more on specific business (and life) strategies based on the needs of the campers. For example these could cover: creating a family mission statement, leading in ministry, branding/marketing, productivity, creating more time & money, etc.

Are we camping out?

Although we think glamping is fun, we will not be camping out. We will be laying our heads each night on comfy beds at Lost Valley. We LOVE the idea of channeling our summer camp days and spreading the this laid back adventurous theme through our experience.

Can I bring my kids or family?

We desire this time away is focused solely on you, so we strongly encourage you to make arrangements for your children to stay back at home with family or friends. This time is for you to focus on you, enjoy late night chats and spend some much needed time alone with the Lord.

What is the agenda?

We are so excited about ALL of the surprises we have planned throughout the 4 days. But here is a tentative schedule: Sunday April 30

  • 4:00 – Arrival
  • 5:00 – First Session
  • 6:30 Cocktails
  • 7:00 Dinner

Monday May 1 -Let’s Dream – work through values, mission, fears and do some dreamscaping.

  • 8:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:00a – 12noon – Morning Sessions
  • 12noon – Lunch
  • 1:00-5:30 – Afternoon Sessions & Free time
  • 5:30p-6:30p – Happy Hour
  • 6:45 – 10:00 – Dinner

Tuesday May 2 – Let’s Do – goals, strategies, action steps, breakouts designed for your individual field of interest, time for one on one mentoring with our camp counselors 

  • 8:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:00a – 12noon – Morning Sessions
  • 12noon – Lunch
  • 1:00-4:30 – Afternoon Sessions & Free Time
  • 4:45p-6:45 – Offsite Experience
  • 6:45 – 10:00 – Dinner

Wednesday May 3 – Let’s Go

  • 8:00a – Breakfast
  • 9:00a – 12:00a – Closing Sesssion
If you would like to join us as a Brand Partner for Camp Well, shoot us an email!
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