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Thank you for considering being a part of my Camp Well 6-month discipleship experience.

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What is Camp Well?

Camp Well is a 6-month discipleship experience. It begins February 1st with online content and teaching. April 15th – 18th, 2024, I will gather in person with 40 other women for 4 days to continue working through the curriculum that will help us live in union with Jesus, live in unity with one another and live unleashed to bring the Kingdom near. 

Why do I want to go?

I grew up in an environment of perfectionism and legalism, which deeply impacted my perception of God’s love my whole life. The belief that I am not safe or acceptable unless I am perfect has led to crushing feelings of fear and loneliness and, at times, has triggered obsessive-compulsive tendencies. This has also affected how I relate to my husband and four kids. The burden of shame simultaneously makes me feel like I am too much and, at the same time, not enough. The fear and shame that I feel have kept me at times from being fully known by God and others. It has created deep loneliness, competing with the peace and rest within myself. I am excited and believe Camp Well will provide a safe space for me to confront and overcome these challenges, helping my journey toward knowing God and who He made me to be. Participating in this shared journey will give me valuable insights and tools to deepen my understanding of God’s love. I have hope that I will find relief from these patterns and cultivate a more grace-filled understanding of God and myself.

How you can invest in my Camp Well experience

I have already held my spot for Camp Well with a $600 deposit. I am inviting friends and family to be a part of my experience first and most importantly through prayer. You can fill out the form below to be on my prayer team. This would mean so much to me.

If you feel lead to invest financially in me and my Camp Well experience to help me reach my goal of $1897 for the balance of registration, click on the link below and enter any amount you would like – $5, $25, $100 – any amount makes a difference towards my goal. When you invest, you will automatically be added to my prayer team as well.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support.