Want to support someone attending a Well Summit experience?

We often have alumni and other supporters of The Well Summit ask how they can give thanks to what the Lord has done in their life through a Well Summit experience by helping make a way for another attendee. We have created THE WELLSPRING FUND as a way to “give what you want”. Any amount helps.

Thank you for your support and prayer. There are no words to express how much your support means. Because of you and the Lord – another life will find more freedom. We are blown away by the support of this community. Communities are being healed from the outside in – one brave person at a time.

Thank you for being a part of that.

The Well Summit Team 

Our fundraiser resets every 30 days. You have raised $2,000 of our $20,000 goal! THANK YOU!

Please mark if you want this to go to a Camp Well or SCOUT attendee and we will apply it appropriately.

We are a for-profit organization so donations are currently not tax-deductable.