a four-day soul care retreat to reflect, refocus and reset


we all dream dreams & we all do things

Camp Well isn’t just for one “type” of woman. Women join us from all seasons of life – married, single, working, young, leading, resting, empty nesting, raising kids, running businesses – you name it, you’ll find it here. But they all have one thing in common, they are believing God has something more for them and they sit in the tension of feeling too much and not enough. So we gather together to talk and pray and laugh and dream and reset and refocus. We’ll provide the space set against the backdrop of the beautiful Rocky Mountains; the perfect combination of western charm and hospitality. It’s like camp for grown ups; good meals, fun activities and time to get what you need – whatever that is. Come as you are, bring what you have – or bring nothing at all – and join our community of Dream Defenders. We’re eager to cheer you on, pray you along and send you back home refreshed and ready to walk in whatever God has for you.

My heart needed Camp Well. There were a handful of places I’ve felt stuck that I no longer feel stuck. I think every woman should experience something like it. To be loved and seen in an atmosphere like that is so powerful. It gave my spirit the clarity and confidence I could not muster on my own.


field guide

aka: the details


Camp Well will be four days of the perfect balance of workshops, fireside chats, small group sessions with counselors and outdoor experiences that will be the catalyst for:

  • Reflecting on our gifts & identity and shedding fear and distractions
  • Refocusing our values and priorities
  • Resetting our goals with grace
  • Resting from the busy and overwhelm
  • Rejoicing in the Lord’s authorship of it all, lots of laughs, late night chats and wine of course


Camp Well is for the woman who needs a break from the busy and the space to rest and refocus on what God has for her in life, ministry and/or professionally. It’s the perfect experience for:

  • The overwhelmed dreamer who doesn’t know where to start.
  • The weary doer who needs rest from burnout.
  • The dream-less wanderer who isn’t sure what she’s looking for.
  • The goal-driven achiever who is searching for her truest identity.
  • The inspired creator who wants to start a new project.
  • The undervalued leader who needs to be reminded of her “why.”
  • The isolated woman who has lost her own identity
  • The ambitious professional balancing career and personal goals.
  • The broken hearted who feels hopeless and alone
  • The one who feels stuck because she feels afraid, overwhelmed, unqualified or not enough.

a note from jenn

founder of Camp Well

“Camp Well was birthed out of my personal desire to create a safe space where women could come as they are, shed fear and distractions, dream again or for the very first time – and always with the prayer that they would leave more free than when they came. I am humbled and amazed at how many show up each time and say “I have no idea why I am here but the Lord just said to come” This woman comes in obedience with no idea why and I watch time and time again the Lord move in ways that have increased my faith”

Honestly, I loved that there was not a “100,000 followers” speaker for the first Camp Well. Every speaker was SO uniquely gifted and perfect for their topic. It reminded me over and over again that my platform doesn’t have to be huge in the world’s eyes to be valuable. I keep reminding myself of the phrase “obedience over outcome” over and over. Such good truths. (and the fact that the entire conference could have been put in an Anthropologie catalog)


We have curated an experienced team of camp counselors that will serve as dream defenders and cheerleaders as you sort through your dreams and pray through them all.  Below is a tentative schedule of what we will cover each day. 

day 1 // welcome

  • For those flying in, arrive at Union Station in Denver at 1:30 pm
  • Beautiful 2 hour bus ride to Lost Valley Ranch
  • 4:15 Welcome
  • 5:30 Cocktail Reception
  • 6:00 Dinner

day 2 // let’s dream

8:30a – 12:00 Morning Sessions
1:00p – Afternoon Free Time & Horse Riding
6:30p – Dinner
8:30p – Fireside Chats

Sessions include:

  • Shedding distractions, fears and comparison
  • Begin to piece together how God equipped and prepared you for good works

day 3 // let’s do

8:30a – 12:00 Morning Sessions
1:00p – Afternoon Sessions
3:00p – Free Time
6:30p – Dinner
8:00p – Evening Session
9:00p – Fireside Chats

Sessions throughout the day include:

  • Continue piecing together values, strengths and what motivates us
  • Dreams to paper
  • Grace based goals for next steps
  • Breakouts
  • Free Time / Ranch Activities 

day 4 // let’s go

9:00a – Morning Sessions & Goodbyes
12:00p – Lunch
1:00p – The bus heads out


aka: the cost


  • Meals – All meals and cocktails
  • Bus Transportation from Denver to Lost Valley Ranch at 1:30 April 20  and back to Union Station on April 23 by 4:00pm.
  • Lodging – one ticket includes a twin bed  / up to 4 people may be in a shared cabin / cabins are 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms
  • Horseback riding and other outdoor experiences
  • Sessions – Full access to workshops and fireside chats
  • Community – you will leave with a new community of friends and dream defenders
  • Gifts from our amazing sponsors
  • Headshots taken by our camp photographer
  • Surprise upon surprise – we promise it will be an experience like no other



Campers can either drive straight to Lost Valley Ranch or fly into Denver. Once you arrive to Denver you will take a train directly from the airport to Union Station where our complimentary bus will be ready to drive all campers to Lost Valley Ranch. You must arrange travel in order to have you at Union Station no later than 1:15pm on April 20. The train ride is 30 minutes to Union Station from the airport so please account for deplaning, gathering luggage, waiting for the train and train travel. There are places to eat lunch in and around Union Station once you arrive. When booking your return flight, you will arrive BACK at Denver airport no later than 5:00 pm on April 23. 

travel tip

If it is possible with your schedule we do recommend arriving to Denver a day early to get acclimated to the altitude and just rest before heading to the ranch. We will be sharing a suggested host hotel near Union Station in our private facebook group.

camp well starts before arriving at the ranch!

We are so excited to share that the Camp Well Experience begins before even getting to the ranch. Every camper will receive full access to our online portal where we currently have 3 pre-camp sessions that will be instrumental in preparing you for your time in Colorado. We have found that this time of preparing hearts and minds has been key to getting the most out of these four days. Included in this pre-work is our Field Guide to Enneagram Course – a series of videos that will walk through a biblical approach to Enneagram –  a tool that describes how we think, feel and behave in particular ways based on our core fears and desires. When we learn the “why” behind the way we think, feel and behave it drives us towards more compassion, better communication, humble confession and alignment with how Christ SEES US and FREES US. Understanding the Enneagram will be just one of the tools we will use at Camp Well!

registration for april 20-23, 2020

Our 3 payment plan option ends January 31st. On February 1st, we will offer a 2 payment plan option. 







3 payments of $715

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still on the fence?

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aka: questions you may still have

When should I book my flight to arrive?

Campers can either drive straight to Lost Valley Ranch or fly into Denver. If you drive to Lost Valley, please arrive by 3:45. If you fly, once you arrive to Denver Airport you will take a train directly from the airport to Union Station where a complimentary bus will be ready to drive all campers to Lost Valley Ranch. You must arrange travel in order to have you at Union Station no later than 1:15pm on April 20. The train ride is 30 minutes to Union Station so please account for deplaning, gathering luggage, waiting for the train and train travel. There are places to eat lunch in and around Union Station once you arrive.

You will arrive BACK at Denver airport by 5:00 on April 23, so book your return flight accordingly.

If you CAN arrive a day early to Denver we highly recommend it. This gives your body a day to adjust and rest before heading to the ranch. Connect with fellow campers on our Facebook Group to share a room! 

What if I don't have a dream?

You would not believe how many women come to Camp Well without one. Many say they have even forgotten how to dream. Camp Well is the perfect space to reflect and refocus and open your hands to what God wants to show you! This experience is for dreamers, doers, builders, creators, makers, ministry leaders, non-profit starters…..any woman who wants to live life or do work with great purpose, using the unique gifts and talents that God has given her.

Do I have to be a Christian to attend?

You do not need to be a Christian to attend. But we will be honest and forthcoming as to what to expect. The foundation of our event is faith based reflecting our trust in Jesus Christ. We will be talking about God and how He is the author of our dreams and giftedness as well as praying at different times throughout. We desire everyone to come as they are.

What do I need to wear?

We are adament everyone feels comfortable. There is no dress code and we won’t be having any fancy dinners. We want you to dress comfy. Since this is a ranch, if you have boots, its the time to dust them off. But boots aren’t required, just comfy shoes as we will be outdoors at times. We will be outside in the evenings so dress accordingly.

Are we doing any difficult hikes or physical activities?

There will be a horseback ride that we encourage everyone to go on. We are no super athletes so we are not expecting anyone else to be:) If you are concerned you may not be able to participate, feel free to email us with concerns. Also, if you do register and have any limitations regarding stairs and hills, please let us know so that we can select your cabin location accordingly.

Are we camping out?

Although we think glamping is fun, we will not be camping out. We will be laying our heads each night on comfy beds at Lost Valley. We LOVE the idea of channeling our summer camp days and spreading the this laid back adventurous theme through our experience.

Can I bring my kids or family?

We desire this time away is focused solely on you, so we strongly encourage you to make arrangements for your children to stay back at home with family or friends. This time is for you to focus on you, enjoy late night chats and spend some much needed time alone with the Lord.

How do I find a roommate?

Some of you will come by yourself and some of you will come with friends! If you come by yourself we prayerfully place you in a room with 1-3 other women, each woman having their own twin bed. We have seen sweet friendships birthed every time!

If you still have questions about whether Camp Well is right for you, we would love to chat!


If you would like to join us as a Brand Sponsor for Camp Well, shoot us an email!

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