how it works


Hold your spot with a $350 deposit.The remaining $1150 balance must be collected by November 1st by inviting friends and family to gift any amount they would like to help send you to SCOUT.


Submit your information to our design team to create your custom web page (see example HERE) to send to friends and family so they can invest in your SCOUT experience with whatever amount they want to gift. You will also receive a digital packet with helpful info to communicate with your community about how they can invest in you. We will make it as easy as possible. 


Share the custom link with your community through email and social media inviting them to invest in your 6-month SCOUT discipleship experience. The page will include an easy “invest what you can” button. 

only 42 spots available

ideas for inviting your community to invest

– send out an email or text including a video message about why you want to go-

– share on social media with a link to your custom webpage in your bio –

– ask 10 people to invest $100 –

– gift any amount for Christmas or your birthday –

– give up coffee for a day and gift you $5 instead –

– errands or favors in exchange for an investment towards SCOUT – 

investment faqs

How long do I have to collect the balance of my registration?

We strongly encourage you to have your balance of $1500 ($350 deposit + what you community invests) paid by November 1st.

What if I can't pay the balance of my registration?

We believe with a little creativity, persistency and prayer you can do it. If you really believe it will be difficult we encourage you to ask several friends and family before you register and get commitments first. 

Will you help me with the wording for my custom web page?

We will send you information on ideas to craft your bio. We encourage you to make it as personal as you can and even invite someone in to help you write it if you need to.

Can I start SCOUT before my balance is paid?

Yes. You can begin on October 1st with the rest of the attendees. 

What do I need to send you for my custom webpage?

We only need a photo of you and a paragraph or two on why you want to attend SCOUT. We will send you a form to fill out to gather this information from you once you register with your deposit.